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Crow's Nest

Ahoy Matey!

To tell you the truth right at the beginning:

The real Kratom Outlet once was a tiny hamlet on the coast of what today is the country of Yemen, on the horn of Africa, in the east of the black continent. It was such a long time ago, that not even the name of this hamlet is passed on to us.

So let’s just call it Kratom Outlet.

We do know though of its most prominent villager. He went by the name of Abu Battuta, and quite a seafaring scoundrel he was in his days.

His father was an abusive loser, his mother a slut and most of his siblings rather retarded, it is reported. So it is no wonder that little Abu rather spent his days in the Kratom Outlet with his eyed fixed on the horizon where sometimes ships could be seen, leaving the gulf of Aden on their way to the Far East. Somewhere there, Abu felt, he would make his luck.The exact stolen camel Abu Battuta rode to begin his journey in search of the worlds best Kratom (Mitagyna speciosa)

At the age of 12 he left the Kratom Outlet on a self-stolen camel and headed for the next seaport. He was young, but he was handsome and smart, and soon he was taken on one of the Arab trade ships. It was headed east along the routes of the SPICE trade.

Let the voyage begin
Maeng Da Kratom
The winds and currents this time were not what Abu had met before, and so he finally landed on the coast of the Pattani Sultanate, on what today is known as the Tarutao Archipelago. A place where now - believe it or not - tattooed and pierced young Westerners freely indulge in the consumption (horror…) of Kratom with the intention to get intoxicate... read more
Indo Kratom
Life in those days usually was short. Intercontinental voyages however always seemed endless, and when Abu returned to the Kratom Outlet, his parents had died. Abu had received his share in the sale of SPICE, which was enough to marry and settle down in the Kratom Outlet. Nothing much happened for a long time. Abu dabbled in different professions ... read more
Bali Kratom
The "Island of the Gods" did not impress Abu. As a devout Muslim he had little sympathy for a culture with countless demons and deities. And if that culture made indecent pictures, gambling and intoxicating drugs part of its religious rituals, it seemed to him utterly absurd. But his ship just stayed there for two days to take fresh water, so what?... read more